DV KitAre you an employer who would like to learn how to help co-workers and employees?

Domestic Violence: It’s Everyone’s Business
Domestic violence doesn’t stay home when a victim goes to work. It can follow them to their jobs, resulting in violence in the workplace. Or it can spill over into the workplace when they are distracted by threatening phone calls, absent because of injuries, or less productive from extreme stress. This kit includes many useful tools for you and your employees.


This kit includes:

DV Workplace Violence Prevention Kits [6]
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– General information and actual local domestic violence/workplace cases,
– Workplace policy checklist,
– Sample employee newsletters, emails and paycheck inserts,
– “Shoe Card” danger assessments in English and Spanish,
– Guidelines for “How To Talk To Someone Who Is Being Abused”
– Sample safety plans and resources in English and Spanish,
– “What Are You Waiting For?” poster for your break room.

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