Wall of Resources

The Step One Community Center Wall of Resources contains current brochures and information for the hundreds of local resources available to help individuals and families in our community.

Not-For-Profit social services can keep their information available at the center for free. For-profit service agencies pay $50 per year to include their service information.

We also have three special event boards that contain notices of current not-for-profit special service events in our community.

We do not post or publicize fundraising events or general business promotional material. We only post events or notices that directly relate to resources or services in our West Yavapai communities.

These resources are available for the public access Monday thru Saturday 7am till 3pm.

Wall of Resources – Big Kid BooksBig Kids Book Image

Copies of the Yavapai County Big Kids Book are available for free at our Step One Community Center. For more information visit: www.YavapaiKidsBook.org