Bookstore/Gift Shop      Barista/Coffee Shop      Forklift Training      Mentor Advocacy     Retail/Sales


Stepping Stones makes available paid job training and placement services for women in our service programs in the below-listed areas.

We train and place over 25+ individuals per year in:

  1. Retail – Customer service, POS training, inventory, merchandise display
  2. Bookstore/Gift Shop  – Library sciences – collection, organization, preservation, and dissemination of information and resources. Inventory control, cataloging.
  3. Barista – All aspects of Coffee Shop/Food Service including Barista skills – customer service, POS training, inventory, coffee/beverage science.
  4. Graphic Design/Publishing (Intro) – Program and software overview/introduction. Learn to edit and customize digital photos; design brochures, flyers, greeting cards, bookmarks, etc.
  5. Forklift/Box Truck operations – Certified trainers teach safe and skilled forklift and box truck operations including daily checklist and operating logs.
  6. Mentor Advocate Training – Learn to be a community advocate. Helpline skills, intake assessments, safety planning, crisis dialogue, action planning, best practices service documentation, after-care planning, as well as daily operations of communal living environments.