Relationship violence is anytime you or someone you know uses physical,emotional, sexual, or verbal force in an effort to control a person or situation. You or someone you know may be in an abusive situation/relationship if any of the following situations apply:

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  1. Does your partner monitor your time and make you account for where you were and whom you were with?
  2. Does your partner accuse you of having affairs or are they suspicious of you and your friends?
  3. Is your partner ever rude or demeaning to your friends?
  4. Does your partner ever discourage you from having friends?
  5. Are you starting to isolate in your current relationship. Does your current relationship dominate your time?  Does your partner try to isolate you from your friends and family?
  6. Is your partner critical of you and your friends?
  7. Does your partner demand a strict accounting of your money?
  8. Does your partner’s mood change radically from calm to angry?
  9. Does your partner not want you to work?
  10. Does your partner pressure you for sex or become angry when you don’t want to have sex?
  11. Has your partner ever pushed you?
  12. Has your partner ever threatened to kill themselves, you or your pets?
  13. Have you ever been baffled or confused by your partner’s behavior?
  14. Has your partner ever slapped you?
  15. Has your partner ever driven recklessly with you in the car?