Community month at Stepping Stones

Community month at Stepping Stones comes in many forms. Whether it is the fellowship of our associates or the supportive community built by the families who come to receive services, it is important to have people who can support you.

For us, Community means:

A safe place to heal: It’s more than just having a roof over your head, community means support in order to heal and move forward into a healthy, positive future.

Serving together: Community is all about being able to live life with other people. One of the best ways to do that is to serve together. Whether it is volunteering once a year or every week, it provides us with opportunities to give back and enrich someone else’s life.

Growing to meet the need: A community is a place that is not static. It is constantly changing to bring in new people, support new needs, and work through problems that arise. It isn’t always easy, but it means that as a group, navigating change is ok.

Community is more than just belonging, it is coming together and finding purpose. Together, we can make a difference.